Owen Trueblood

Owen Trueblood

Microfluidic Display Experiment

Sandwiched between transparent glass and PDMS the channels were ghostly white until liquids were pumped through them, at which point the networks they composed stood out brightly in 3D space.

Wireless Gateways for a Metacortex with Wireguard

I've been working on my metacortex, which is a machine infrastructure to assist my life and mind. It's made up of mostly digital infrastructure that is meant to help me remember things, manage my attention, learn better, etc. But it also extends my reach to a growing number of physical

Drawing a 3D Scene in Blender with a Pen Plotter

Pen plotters are an attractive tool and toy for anyone interested in computer graphics or generative art. The simple machines draw with a pen or pencil on paper under the control of computer code. Possessing infinite patience, such machines can build up complex imagery defined by digital information or rule

Containerizing ROS Melodic with LXD on Ubuntu 18.04

The Robot Operating System (ROS) may be the most capable open starting point for building serious robotics applications. However for beginners it can be a challenge to set up, and it is easy to make a mess of the system without any fast way to undo mistakes and return to

Streaming Graphics to a Distributed LED Display over WiFi

Space Within Spaces is an art installation by Joseph Morris installed in the Juliana Terian Design Center Atrium on the Pratt Institute campus in Brooklyn, New York. The installation uses an 18x10 array of light bulbs to form an ambient display for graphics generated based on muon activity through a

Beta Processor Extensions

The Beta was a made-up processor used for teaching undergraduate computer science at MIT. Students in the Computation Structures class (6.004) were required to build an implementation from scratch out of logic gates and implement an operating system for it by the end of the class. It was one

Miscellaneous Projects

Artifact while reverse engineering the HP FB-500 RIP system.Images by poking CDs with 3D printer hotendDepth-from-focus 3D scanner v1Depth from focus 3D scanner v18972 Sneaky RF -> Bluetooth HID bridgeLighting assembly for a project that cannot not be named3D printed metal LED heat sink for a project that

Workshop: Synthesizing Human and Robot Movements for Art Production

During the 2019 Independent Activities Period (IAP) at MIT I helped set up and run a workshop held in the MIT Museum Studio on art production with a UR5 industrial robot arm. Ten participants stuck with it through to the end, creating 5 final projects that were exhibited in the


Art made by abstract machines is made meaningful in abstract minds
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