Wireless Gateways for a Metacortex with Wireguard

I've been working on my metacortex, which is a machine infrastructure to assist my life and mind. It's made up of mostly digital infrastructure that is meant to help me remember things, manage my attention, learn better, etc. But it also extends my reach to a growing number of physical

Containerizing ROS Melodic with LXD on Ubuntu 18.04

The Robot Operating System (ROS) may be the most capable open starting point for building serious robotics applications. However for beginners it can be a challenge to set up, and it is easy to make a mess of the system without any fast way to undo mistakes and return to

Beta Processor Extensions

The Beta was a made-up processor used for teaching undergraduate computer science at MIT. Students in the Computation Structures class (6.004) were required to build an implementation from scratch out of logic gates and implement an operating system for it by the end of the class. It was one

Workshop: Synthesizing Human and Robot Movements for Art Production

During the 2019 Independent Activities Period (IAP) at MIT I helped set up and run a workshop held in the MIT Museum Studio on art production with a UR5 industrial robot arm. Ten participants stuck with it through to the end, creating 5 final projects that were exhibited in the

Light Painting with a UR5 Robot Arm

In an attempt to visually convey the activity of a painting UR5 robot in static images I did some experiments capturing long exposure photographs of an LED light source attached to the end of the arm. The light is controlled by the I/O connector at the end of the

Sound Machine Sound Swap

Replacing the samples on an obnoxiously loud and irresponsibly cheap sound toy.

Hex Bug Swarm

For an art project during a hackathon at the MIT Media Lab we wanted to have a swarm of "creatures" under computer control. The concept called for these creatures to participate in a simulated society, which would be guided by a crowd of humans online. They had to look like

Spinneret: Detect Prey by Sensing Vibrations on Your Web

https://github.com/jmptable/spinneret Manage attention online like spiders do, by building webs. There's good reason to argue that spiders use their webs as an integral part of their minds (nice article here). By creating and manipulating webs of their silk they build systems for modulating their limited attention.
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