A Tiny Helicopter Game


This is a helicopter game written in AVR assembly for an ATTiny13A connected to a Nokia 3310 LCD and 1 button. Made for the fun of the challenge to fit a graphical game into 1 KB code space and 64 bytes of RAM while running at 1 MHz. Also wanted to do something that used all

High scores are saved in EEPROM so you can compete to be the best.


Find it on GitHub here: https://github.com/jmptable/tiny-asm-copter

Some of the code might be interesting to look at:

  • lib_lcd - Shows the magic numbers needed to make the cheap 3310 LCD work. Implements software SPI.
  • lib_disphex - Very simple printing of hexadecimal numbers in assembly code.
  • lib_eeprom - Simple EEPROM control.

The level generation program is a Processing sketch that outputs a source file representing a level for the game.

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