Plotting Images Bigger than the Plotter
Artmatr is a company that I was working for at the time. I wanted to make a sign with the name for the wall of our lab.

After I got an AxiDraw I wanted to combine it with the Vive tracking experiments I was doing at the time. I had written a server in Unity to broadcast the tracking information from Vive controllers to other applications over UDP. So I wrote a simple web application that took a vector image and sliced out an AxiDraw-sized region based on the location of a Vive controller I crudely zip-tied to the plotter.

Sizing and placing the image in real space was a pain and I didn't have time to make that better. I only did a few tests before shelving the project. To use it I would load the image and manually tweak the code to scale and place it on my floor. Then I would pull the trigger on the Vive controller to tell the application to send the commands for drawing the current slice of the image to the AxiDraw. After plotting a region was finished I would move the machine and trigger it again.

A lot could be improved with this rough prototype. The accuracy of the output was much poorer than the accuracy of the tracking because I didn't accurately map the virtual image region to the machine space for the AxiDraw. As a result the lines at the edges of different regions didn't completely meet. But overall I was happy that the basic principles were sound, and in later projects at Artmatr and my robotics company, Haploid, I extended the concept much further with significantly more complicated machines.

You can find the code I wrote for slicing out portions of the image to be plotted, and the front-end I used to display it, on GitHub: jmptable/axidraw-mural-slicer

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