Coil Guns

Date: 2006-2008
Age: 12-14
Description: Sometime over the course of an intense adventure on the internet I found a little gem of a project on Instructables. It described exactly how to make your very own coil gun using parts that would probably be lying around your house. I thought "Oh Boy!" and started gathering the materials, having no idea that about an hour later I would be lying unconscious on my bedroom floor because of the little project.

What happened was that I had found an old Polaroid camera and managed to disassemble it and take the flash circuit. The capacitor in those things is massive, and can deliver quite a jolt. While I was assembling my first coil gun I tested it and accidentally touched the circuit, resulting in a massive shock and my head hitting my desk because of what might have been a spasm caused by the electricity or my shock from being zapped. The injury knocked me out for what I think was about one or two minutes and left me with a pulsing, horrible head ache.

Even though that really scared me I kept on experimenting and eventually finished my first coil gun. It was very crude with a badly wound coil, resulting in a shooting distance of about an inch, which in real life looks like the bullet flopping out of the gun and falling straight down. This didn't satisfy me at all, so I kept experimenting and ended up building two more coil guns, the final one pictured above. This latest one has a nice remote firing button and a well-wound coil that can put a good dent in my ceiling. It would not kill you if you were shot, but you might get a big bruise. These things are extremely dangerous for numerous reasons, and I don't think I'm going to build any more of them (although I think I feel the tug of rail guns every now and again).

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