As an engineer I focus on traversing the stack, from the PCB up through to language, UI, and network design. I am most proficient at rapid-prototyping of intelligent devices. In general I excel in contexts where it's advantageous to have knowledge of hardware, software, and system design in one head.


  • Creative coding (Processing, openFrameworks)
  • Web programming
  • System programming
  • Distributed systems (esp. in IoT context)
  • Embedded systems - microcontrollers (esp. AVR and ARM Cortex)
  • Embedded Linux systems (esp. Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone)
  • PCB design (Eagle, KiCAD)
  • CAD (Fusion360, SolidWorks)

Programming Languages

  • JavaScript [strong]
  • Python [strong]
  • Java [strong]
  • C [strong]
  • C++ [mostly use it as OOP-flavored C]
  • AVR assembly [strong]
  • Lua [strong]
  • C# [moderate]
  • Bash/shellscripting [moderate]
  • Ruby [weak]
  • Clojure [weak, but enthusiastic]
  • Haskell [weak, but reverent]
  • Racket [one project]
  • Elm & Purescript [some fun afternoons]


This is a quick timeline of my work life. For the best of sense of who I am and what I can do, please take a look at my project portfolio.

  • June 2019 to now: Working as creative technologist for the product design firm 10xBeta in New Lab I do or manage whatever software and electronics engineering needs to happen to get products from napkin sketch to working prototype.
  • February 2019 to June 2019: Assisting researchers and companies in the Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator with software and hardware prototyping, manufacturing, and project management one day a week.
  • July 2018 to now: Co-founder of Haploid LLC. I found a special fascination in developing real-time control systems for industrial robot arms. So I bought 1200 lbs of robot, started a company, set up a studio in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and transitioned out of Artmatr to undertake a cybernetics-focused art project. Funded by on-going consulting work for local early stage hardware startups.
  • September 2016 to to end of 2018: A side project helping to make painting machines grew into a company, Artmatr. As engineering lead I grew our team to 4 engineers. As we developed our business model and undertook work with artists we had the opportunity to explore technology from reverse engineering industrial printing equipment to real-time control of robotics, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence.
  • Fall 2015 to March 2017: Full-time embedded engineer at Tulip, developing systems for instrumenting industrial machinery to capture actionable data on manufacturing processes. Crawled around in some neat greasy industrial machinery, pondered about transpilers for PLC ladder logic, and fought with heterogenous distributed systems.
  • Fall 2012 to Spring 2015: Pursued a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and computer science at MIT. Decided school was killing my motivation to actually make stuff, dropped out, started working on interesting projects, and found the joys of learning and creating again.
  • Summer 2012: Internship at Intellectual Ventures Lab in Seattle working under 3ric Johanson in the photonics lab on embedded electronics for early project prototypes.
  • Before: found great joy in learning how machines worked in order to repurpose them according to whatever designs came to mind. Undertook many projects, which taught me about electronics, digital computers, programming, and related technical subjects. Found special fascination in juxtaposing the lowest levels of abstraction with the highest (example).