IR Head Trackers

Date: 2007-2008
Age: 13-14
Description: This has been an ongoing project, spanning many months. It started when I saw a project created by Johnny Lee that allowed a person's head to be tracked using a Wiimote hooked up to a computer and a pair of infrared LEDs mounted to a hat.

I really wanted to try it out so I looked around my house, collected up a bunch of old television remotes, took them apart to get the LEDs, and tried mounting them to a pair of headphones using tape and a battery pack. Somewhere there was a short, so the LEDs burned out quickly and my hopes were dashed. A couple weeks later I tried again and managed to get it working, with a new pair of headphones and more LEDs, but it only lasted a small amount of time because the lights shorted out, just like the first version (I seem to have horrible luck doing battery+light). I finally decided to make it dead simple to reduce the risk of damage to the circuit and managed to produce a nice pair of sun glasses with head tracking support. With the head gear created I moved onto software. I tried out Lee's demos and they really wowed me. I was instantly hooked for good.

Up to now (and hopefully into the future) I have been working on an implementation for the physics sandbox game Garry's Mod with the hope that when it's done I will become a god amongst the players. It works except for one thing, I can't seem to get the data from the Wiimote, or any of my head tracking software into the game and into its Lua scripting system.

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