Key Gloves

Date: 2005
Age: 11
Description: I had been thinking about something like this for quite some time. I wanted a way to type easily and quickly without having to carry around a keyboard. I realized that with a little thought 10 fingers could be used to input more than 26 things, one for each letter of the alphabet and some extra for function keys. I worked out all the combinations and set about making the gloves. I had to use old gloves because my mom wouldn't let me destroy any nice new ones. When it came to attaching the aluminum foil to the gloves I chose hot glue, but that was a bad choice. The pads kept falling off, and the gloves weren't comfortable at all. Also, soldering wires to the aluminum foil wasn't easy to do. They broke off after only a bit, and that was the main reason I scrapped the glove idea. If I ever think of a way to make more comfortable gloves that work like this, I might revisit this project.

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