Miscellaneous Projects
Artifact while reverse engineering the HP FB-500 RIP system.
Images by poking CDs with 3D printer hotend
Depth-from-focus 3D scanner v1
Depth from focus 3D scanner v18972

Sneaky RF -> Bluetooth HID bridge
Lighting assembly for a project that cannot not be named
3D printed metal LED heat sink for a project that cannot be named
Hilbert curve turtle graphics. Homework submission at MIT.
My first professionally manufactured PCB!
Trying to recreate those delightful OP-1 keys on the mill.
Wind-blown clock control system for a friend's art project
Implemented a Python driver for the SEEK Thermal camera
Robert Vance haunting my EEE PC
Failed homemade LED display PCB
Impractical jumper holder
DIY electroluminescence made in DIY nanotechnology class at MIT
Laser cut fume extractor
Digitizing a mechanical typewriter with copper tape
Massively multiplayer driving game for a hackathon
Flow programming language experiment
Lineworld: a universe occupied by a single bird, forever assaulted by missiles
Game Boy Camera interface
Game Boy Camera video
Edge detection for a painting machine
Single axis magnetic manipulator
ANSI code plasma effect
Art found in the trash
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