Assembly Code

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Hex Bug Swarm

For an art project during a hackathon at the MIT Media Lab we wanted to have a swarm of "creatures" under computer control. The concept called for these creatures to participate in a simulated society, which would be guided by a crowd of humans online. They had to look like

A Tiny Cloud

Infrastructure as a Service, for when you need infrastructure made of the ittiest bittiest computers.

Lofi Calculator AR

Off-screen there is an Arduino Nano plugged into the communication port of the TI-83 which is converting a stream of video data (96x64 monochrome frames) into the TI port protocol. An assembly program on the calculator very rapidly transfers the video data to screen memory. A 3D scan of me


A game in 2KB of code, 128 bytes of RAM, 8 million instructions per second, and 2 days


A high school project that was meant to be a pocketable universal hacking tool. It was called Barnacle before it was called GreyportCode

A Tiny Helicopter Game This is a helicopter game written in AVR assembly for an ATTiny13A connected to a Nokia 3310 LCD and 1 button. Made for the fun of the challenge to fit a graphical game into 1 KB code space and 64 bytes of RAM while running

Adding a Touch Screen to a TI-84+

I figured out how to use raw control of the TI Link Port on a TI-84+ graphing calculator in order to implement some Z80 assembly routines that could talk to an Arduino using regular asynchronous serial. Once I got that working I used it to make this demo. The touch


Lightly edited copy of the original blog post from when I was in high school: This is the PropComp in all its current glory. Future versions will have all this contained in a case under the keyboard, kind of like the Commodore 64, except this will include the screen. The
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