Calculator Hacking

A collection of 3 posts

Remote Controlling a TI-84+ from a PC

There is a remote control protocol baked into TI 84+ graphing calculators so that it is possible for Texas Instruments to make products that take control of calculators in the classroom via their link ports. I implemented the protocol on an Arduino and made a control program in Ruby to

Calculator Love

During high school the only computer I had access to during school days was my beloved TI-84+ graphing calculator. It was a surprisingly enjoyable platform for practicing programming. The built-in TI-BASIC programming editor and simple drawing commands meant that it was easy to create small graphical demos and games, which

Adding a Touch Screen to a TI-84+

I figured out how to use raw control of the TI Link Port on a TI-84+ graphing calculator in order to implement some Z80 assembly routines that could talk to an Arduino using regular asynchronous serial. Once I got that working I used it to make this demo. The touch
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