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Drawing a 3D Scene in Blender with a Pen Plotter

Pen plotters are an attractive tool and toy for anyone interested in computer graphics or generative art. The simple machines draw with a pen or pencil on paper under the control of computer code. Possessing infinite patience, such machines can build up complex imagery defined by digital information or rule

OpenStreetMap Visualization Experiment Street Map data for New York City drawn so that nodes which were adjacent in the file were colored with adjacent colors in a continuous palette. The surprisingly pretty result of a quick test of some map data parsing code I was working

Lofi Calculator AR

Off-screen there is an Arduino Nano plugged into the communication port of the TI-83 which is converting a stream of video data (96x64 monochrome frames) into the TI port protocol. An assembly program on the calculator very rapidly transfers the video data to screen memory. A 3D scan of me

L3D Cube Library

I worked for Looking Glass Factory for a little bit and wrote the first support library for the Spark Core (now Particle). It was extremely fun and hard to get WebSockets to work well on an embedded platform. I also made some of the demos that they used for the

Raspberry Pi Laser Graffiti System

Projecting onto the oft-hacked Green Building from my dorm windowOne summer(?) during undergrad a friend and I decided to build a laser projector. He got a laser galvo and set up the control electronics for it. I wrote some code for a Raspberry Pi to stream vector graphics to the
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