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Streaming Graphics to a Distributed LED Display over WiFi

Space Within Spaces is an art installation by Joseph Morris installed in the Juliana Terian Design Center Atrium on the Pratt Institute campus in Brooklyn, New York. The installation uses an 18x10 array of light bulbs to form an ambient display for graphics generated based on muon activity through a

Hex Bug Swarm

For an art project during a hackathon at the MIT Media Lab we wanted to have a swarm of "creatures" under computer control. The concept called for these creatures to participate in a simulated society, which would be guided by a crowd of humans online. They had to look like

SMT Part Tape Counter

I wanted to get a handle on my Digikey SMT part cruft, but didn't want to count the parts by eye. Built a simple 3D-printed sensor block with a break-beam sensor that I can easily slide the SMT part tape through and hooked it up to a simple Arduino shield

Lofi Calculator AR

Off-screen there is an Arduino Nano plugged into the communication port of the TI-83 which is converting a stream of video data (96x64 monochrome frames) into the TI port protocol. An assembly program on the calculator very rapidly transfers the video data to screen memory. A 3D scan of me

Remote Controlling a TI-84+ from a PC

There is a remote control protocol baked into TI 84+ graphing calculators so that it is possible for Texas Instruments to make products that take control of calculators in the classroom via their link ports. I implemented the protocol on an Arduino and made a control program in Ruby to


A game in 2KB of code, 128 bytes of RAM, 8 million instructions per second, and 2 days


A high school project that was meant to be a pocketable universal hacking tool. It was called Barnacle before it was called GreyportCodehttps://github.com/jmptable/greyport

A Tiny Helicopter Game

https://github.com/jmptable/tiny-asm-copter This is a helicopter game written in AVR assembly for an ATTiny13A connected to a Nokia 3310 LCD and 1 button. Made for the fun of the challenge to fit a graphical game into 1 KB code space and 64 bytes of RAM while running


Lightly edited copy of the original blog post from when I was in high school: This is the PropComp in all its current glory. Future versions will have all this contained in a case under the keyboard, kind of like the Commodore 64, except this will include the screen. The
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