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Controlling a Painting Machine with a Vive Controller

I spent some time collaborating with the artist Jeff Leonard (Instagram), who has built fantastic painting machines for himself in the course of developing his art practice. The machines are mostly controlled by Arduino boards directly from sensors and devices like potentiometers, buttons, joy sticks, sliders, etc. I was interested

Black Squares

Connecting the "zero point" in painting to the common visuals of computer generated art.

Plotting Images Bigger than the Plotter

Artmatr is a company that I was working for at the time. I wanted to make a sign with the name for the wall of our lab.After I got an AxiDraw I wanted to combine it with the Vive tracking experiments I was doing at the time. I had

IR Head Trackers

Date: 2007-2008 Age: 13-14 Description: This has been an ongoing project, spanning many months. It started when I saw a project created by Johnny Lee that allowed a person's head to be tracked using a Wiimote hooked up to a computer and a pair of infrared LEDs mounted to a
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