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Spinneret: Detect Prey by Sensing Vibrations on Your Web

https://github.com/jmptable/spinneret Manage attention online like spiders do, by building webs. There's good reason to argue that spiders use their webs as an integral part of their minds (nice article here). By creating and manipulating webs of their silk they build systems for modulating their limited attention.

Plotting Images Bigger than the Plotter

Artmatr is a company that I was working for at the time. I wanted to make a sign with the name for the wall of our lab.After I got an AxiDraw I wanted to combine it with the Vive tracking experiments I was doing at the time. I had

L3D Cube Library

I worked for Looking Glass Factory for a little bit and wrote the first support library for the Spark Core (now Particle). It was extremely fun and hard to get WebSockets to work well on an embedded platform. I also made some of the demos that they used for the
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