Creative Technologist at 10XBeta

10XBeta leverages decades of design and development expertise to accelerate the framing of problems and validation of solutions in pursuit of creating tomorrow's products and experiences.

My role: I rapid-prototype electronics and write software to help bring projects off the ground as quickly as possible.

Co-founder of Haploid

Haploid LLC is a robotics studio in the Brooklyn Navy Yard designing more expressive tools for creating by making traditional fabrication systems more human and direct. We collaborate with our clients to tailor the tools and approach that we have developed to their specific needs. Want to work with us? Please get in touch.

Lead Engineer, CIO at Artmatr

Artmatr is developing an array of technologies for painters to bring the potential of digital workflows into their physical craft.

My role: Initially the only full time engineer, I developed all of Artmatr's hardware and software tools. I worked closely with clients to adapt the technology to their needs. Eventually I transitioned to leading our engineering team.

Research Assistant for Glass II Project in the Mediated Matter group at the MIT Media Lab

The goal of the project was to demonstrate a process for 3D printing glass on an architectural scale. Working on a very challenging timeline and against monumental technical and logistical challenges the team used the technology to 3D print three large columns which were exhibited at the 2017 Milan Triennale.

My role: I developed the electronics and control software for the light system inside the columns. Working on site in Milan, Italy I assisted with installation and provided technical support while developing the light performance with Neri Oxman and the rest of the team.

Embedded Engineering and Software Development at Tulip

Tulip is developing technology that manufacturers can use to track their operations and see ways to make them better.

My role: On the hardware team I wrote firmware, designed PCBs, created test systems, spelunked the depths of embedded Linux systems, remotely supported our hardware systems in the field, and occasionally crawled through crusty manufacturing equipment on the factory floor for research, deployment, and support.

Electronics Prototyping Consulting

WearWorks Wayband

The Wayband is a device worn around the wrist that uses haptic feedback and a phone's sensors to help guide blind people through the world. Here's a New York Times article from when the blind athlete Simon Wheatcroft ran the New York City Marathon using the device.

My role: Electronics prototyping, manufacturing, PCB design for beta units, firmware programming, and testing. Learned how to navigate Central Park while running and looking at a laptop.

Slow Dance by Wonder Machines

Slow Dance turns every day objects into slow motion sculptures. The person behind the product, Jeff Lieberman, has helped bring an incredible array of art and technology into the world. And he hosted a TV show called Time Warp on the Discovery Channel that I enjoyed as a kid :)

My role: Refreshing PCB design, manufacturing prototype electronics, and testing. I wrote the shipping firmware for the product.

Looking Glass

The L3D Cube is an 8x8x8 RGB volumetric display with sound reactivity and network connectivity.

My role: I developed the first firmware library for the product and wrote some of the product demos used for marketing during its launch.

Bitty Synthesizer

Bitty is a handheld digital synthesizer and labor of love by the talented Nickolas Peter Chelyapov.

My role: I designed, fabricated, and tested several iterations of the synthesizer PCB based on Nick's visual design. And I assisted with firmware development.

Miscellaneous Rapid Prototypes


Translating real-time earthquake data to light for an art installation
Making a zombie inductive cooktop for a startup developing a smart cooking product